Hip-Hop Unplugged

Poetry Slam Presentation/Reading/Performance

We're bringing down the house with a star-studded lineup of poets, performers, artists, and producers who know a thing or two about the spoken word. Join us for a reading/performance/slam featuring local and national talent, including Darian Gorman, Matthew Conley, Tere Fowler-Chapman, Mossferatu, Tucker Booth, and The Original Saku.

The event will take place on February 7, 2013 at the Poetry Center's Dorothy Ruebel Room. 


Tere Fowler-Chapman

Teré Fowler-Chapman is an artist, poet, and fiction writer. A visionary whose medium is black ink, her creative works possess fluidity that allows her work to bend into multiple genres.

Teré has been featured on the national radio show KXCI. She has healed crowds at numerous poetry events such as Tucson's very own Take Back the Night event. She has facilitated innovative writing workshops students bringing awareness to the importance of creative writing for youth. Her proudest accomplishment is being a co-writer of personalized children books that focus on raising the reading levels of inner city youth.

Teré Fowler-Chapman currently resides in Tucson where she hosts a community open poetry reading called "Words on the Avenue" at Café Passe designed to provide a platform for her community to be heard. She is currently continuing her education to further her growth as a writer and teacher of her craft. You can find her work at www.sliverofpearl.com.

Matthew Conley

Matthew Conley, current Executive Director of the Tucson Poetry Festival, has built an academic and performance legacy spanning 3 decades. Starting in Albuquerque with the inception of "Drive-By Poetry" and an undergraduate degree at the University of New Mexico, his trail a blaze of publications, slam championships, and project management second to none. Matthew was the 2005 International Head- to-Head Haiku Champion, is a co-founder of the Texas Youth Word Collective (TXYWC), and received his MFA in Poetry from the University of Arizona in 2009.


Mossferatu was born Moss Orion Worthington on Halloween, 1988, in Tucson, AZ. As a boy, his mother would describe him as a bright, loving, clever, bundle of joy. Nowadays, she would describe him as a parasitic, selfish, mentally challenged, psychopathic, uncaring, unloving, apathetic, arrogant, ignorant, lazy, egomaniacal drug addict. He has lived a fairly normal life.

His parents divorced, he became addicted to marijuana and alcohol, he broke up with his girlfriend, his band broke up, he dropped out of college, he dropped acid, he took magic mushrooms, got fired from all his jobs, and he became estranged to his family and friends. Through all of this, he kept writing music and lyrics, playing guitar, piano, steel drum, trumpet, ukulele, and drum set. He was obsessed with lyrics to the point that it made him extremely asocial. He could only interact with people by free-styling for them, which was a double-edged sword. He became well known for his uncanny freestyle abilities. All he cared about was making it in Hip Hop, or music in general. It was the only thing that was consistently there for him. It was the only thing that he was consistently there for.

He started playing his steel drum on the streets for tips. He met a Latin American band on the street and joined them for a while, until they kicked him out due to drunkenness. He lived a sort of double life, battle-rapping one minute, then playing salsa music the next. He gained some notoriety for himself through his rap battles and musical performances. His lyrics were often controversial, obscene, political, and would defy social norms. I guess you could say, he didn’t give a f*ck. He gave rap speeches and performed at protests against SB1070 and the banning of Ethnic Studies in TUSD. He was fired from one of his jobs for attending a protest instead of showing up to work. He performed at the Occupy movement for the first day, then never went back. However, the Occupy movement was probably the only group that would accept him for who he was.

In rap battles, he was constantly called a hippie, pedophile, white boy, tree hugger, dirty bum, moocher, and many more colorful terms. He did his share of name calling as well. In an era of written a’capella battles, he kept the art of freestyle alive. He won a majority of his battles, but he was treated unfairly by the corrupt judging system of the battle league. He learned that the business side of Hip Hop was ruthless, and cutthroat. This did not stop him from pursuing his dream relentlessly. He won a freestyle battle in Phoenix that allowed him to open for legend Slick Rick. After the battle, he slept in a park outside in the cold. He went on to open for Hip Hop greats such as Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Andre Nickatina, Hieroglyphics, Grieves, Killah Priest, Illogic, Mac Lethal, Pigeon John, Devin the Dude, and Busdriver. He met some of his biggest inspirations, Slug from Atmosphere, Murs, and Aesop Rock. He made friends, foes, friendly foes, and hateful friends. His life wasn’t, and isn’t all bad. The Tucson Hip Hop music scene was, and is, growing. He has put on several albums as Mossferatu, and with his rap duo, Indigo Kids. He has gone on several tours up the west coast and around the southwest. He is now trying to give back to his local Hip Hop community, supporting local MCs and setting up shows. He continues to battle and perform, locally and in other states, building his following. Musicians and girls are showing him more love, and he is showing more love. He is still underemployed, working part-time as a landscaper, but he has high hopes that his committal to Hip Hop and music will pay off. He always working on new music, hoping to one-up himself. He still may attain some kind of salvation for his soul. He aspires to be a lyricist on par with the likes of Bob Dylan, Eminem, Illogic, Slug, and Killah Priest, and an MC the caliber of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and the Wu-Tang Clan, in his own right. Some may say, he is on his way.

“Now I just take babies when they are born
and I swing them in circles by their umbilical chords
just so they can learn about the centrifugal force
it’s physics of course.”

-Mossferatu, Insanity Plea

Tucker Booth

Tucker Dale Booth is a man of many talents. While out and about in his hometown of St. Louis, you might find him playing street music for tips on Delmar Boulevard, rapping with his fellow Frozen Foods in the club, rehabbing rundown homes in the Maplewood area, or putting shingles on the palatial mansions of West County with college roofers.

Booth discovered the stage at an early age, performing in talent shows and musicals throughout middle school, and then starring in a number of plays during high school and college. His love of music and theatre created an easy transition to front-man and lead singer for several bands in the St. Louis area.

In 2001, Booth joined forces with Jonathan Toth from Hoth, adding his creative talents to The Frozen Food Section. He has served as lead vocalist, publicist, promoter, and concert booker for Frozen Food since 2002.

TDB has released 8 albums to date: Will Rap 4 Food (2003), Tucker Booth 4 President (2004), Valet (2006), ExBoyfriend (2009), ExFiles (2010), The Dark Side EP and Men With Beards (2011). His 8th release is a compilation of previously unreleased acoustic ballads entitled Loves, which is available for free download at www.thefrozenfoodsection.bandcamp.com

Tucker now lives in Redondo Beach, CA with his family and is currently booking shows and selling his music independently. For booking or sales info email tuckerbooth@hotmail.com or call (424) 400-9399.

Darian Gorman

Darian Gorman is 20 years old and has been writing poetry and hip-hop for four years. He just released my first hip-hop album in November under the alias Dogmha. He was the first Tucson Youth Poetry Slam champ and competed at the 2012 National Poetry Slam with Team Ocotillo.